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  • Don't just visit New Orleans.
    ​Experience it.

    RouxGaroo Adventures offers the most memorable New Orleans experiences and tours. 
    You won't just learn the history of the city—you'll see New Orleans as she lives and breathes!

    Or maybe even hear about an old murder mystery or two.

    Or where to get the best roast beef po-boy in the French Quarter.
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One of a kind way to see the city

RouxGaroo Adventures reimagines the walking tour. We offer small group experiences with no set path or script. 

Every single tour is built around what you tell us you're interested in seeing or doing!

That means every tour is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted experience just for you.

We want to show you the New Orleans that best fits you and your group!

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RouxGaroo Adventures puts the focus on you by limiting tour groups to just ten people. That means you're guaranteed an intimate and unique experience, and the undivided attention of one of our knowledgable guides - who aren't just reciting the same script over and over. Our guides are always ready to answer any question you might have, before, during and after the tour. 

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